Whether you’re a first timer, an old hand, or somewhere in the middle, my job is to make buying your next home a simple, easy and fun process.

Let’s face it; buying a home is a big commitment and can be stressful.  My goal is to help you find the perfect home and make your move as smooth as possible. To find you the home that is right for you. As a native to the Northern Virginia area I can share with you a great wealth of personal experience and local knowledge. I’ve seen the Northern Virginia areas grow from small towns to four lane interstates and am confident I can find the right area, neighborhood and home to suit you.

How will I do this?

As a buyer, you have access to more information today than ever before. There are thousands of Internet sites devoted to real estate allowing you the comfort of browsing whenever you feel like it. There’s no shortage of commentary from national and local press, and family, friends and co-workers all have their perspective on the market. The amount of information at your disposal is wonderful – and overwhelming.

I have learned over the years that information and knowledge are not the same thing. I know this market. It is my job – as your advocate – to assist you in sifting through the information, advising you on what’s right, as well as what may be misleading or inaccurate.  The reality is that there’s a lot more to a successful transaction than finding a home on the net, and I feel one of my main strengths as your consultant is that I can transform that information into knowledge to help you make the right decision.


Your Wants and Needs

The clearer you are about goals, the more like you are to find the “right” house. Do you need a quick commute?  The DC area is consistently rated one of the worst in the country, and distance may not be the best definer in this area!  Are good public schools your main concern?  Northern Virginia is renowned throughout the country for our fantastic schools, but sometimes even crossing the street can land you in a better district. Let’s work together to make sure you find everything you need.


Home Search Progress

I love helping my clients find the perfect home, but know that the process can be quite daunting.  Let’s lay out a strategy designed to find your home in the least amount of time and effort from you. Homes that may look great online may be quite different upon inspection. You will need to separate the great from the not-so-great. My pledge is to be by your side helping you all the way!


Assistance with Financing

Finding the right lender is incredibly important; I know the local and national lenders, and, more importantly, I know the ones with a proven track record of delivering on their promises. Choosing the right lender with the right program is critically important for all clients.

As a vendor-neutral contractor, I do not benefit financially in any way from my recommendation for the best possible combination of price and contract terms for you.


Preparing and Negotiating the Purchase Agreement
I will help prepare a well-structured offer to purchase that works.


The Process from Contract to Closing

It is my job to oversee all of the deadlines and inspection that must take place based on the contract. It is my objective to see that everything is taken care of as early as possible. No Surprises is the Rule!


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